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package meshcfg

import ""


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var IstioMeshconfig = collection.NewName("istio/mesh/v1alpha1/MeshConfig")

IstioMeshconfig is the name of collection istio/meshconfig It is captured here explicitly, as some of the core pieces of code need to reference this.

var ResourceName = resource.NewName("istio-system", "meshconfig")

ResourceName for the Istio Mesh Config resource

func Default Uses

func Default() *v1alpha1.MeshConfig

Default mesh configuration

type FsSource Uses

type FsSource struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

FsSource is a event.InMemorySource implementation that reads mesh from file.

func NewFS Uses

func NewFS(path string) (*FsSource, error)

NewFS returns a new mesh cache, based on watching a file.

func (*FsSource) Close Uses

func (c *FsSource) Close() error

Close closes this cache.

func (*FsSource) Dispatch Uses

func (c *FsSource) Dispatch(h event.Handler)

Dispatch implements event.Source

func (*FsSource) Start Uses

func (c *FsSource) Start()

Start implements event.Source

func (*FsSource) Stop Uses

func (c *FsSource) Stop()

Stop implements event.Source

type InMemorySource Uses

type InMemorySource struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

InMemorySource is an event.InMemorySource implementation for meshconfig. When the mesh config is first set, add & fullsync events will be published. Otherwise a reset event will be sent.

func NewInmemory Uses

func NewInmemory() *InMemorySource

NewInmemory returns a new meshconfig.InMemorySource.

func (*InMemorySource) Dispatch Uses

func (s *InMemorySource) Dispatch(handler event.Handler)

Dispatch implements event.Dispatcher

func (*InMemorySource) IsSynced Uses

func (s *InMemorySource) IsSynced() bool

IsSynced indicates that the InMemorySource has been given a Mesh config at least once.

func (*InMemorySource) Set Uses

func (s *InMemorySource) Set(cfg *v1alpha1.MeshConfig)

Set new meshconfig

func (*InMemorySource) Start Uses

func (s *InMemorySource) Start()

Start implements event.InMemorySource

func (*InMemorySource) Stop Uses

func (s *InMemorySource) Stop()

Stop implements event.InMemorySource

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