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package monitoring

import ""


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var (
    // CollectionTag holds the type URL for the context.
    CollectionTag tag.Key
    // NamespaceTag holds namespace of the resource for the context.
    NamespaceTag tag.Key
    // NameTag holds name of the resource for the context.
    NameTag tag.Key
    // VersionTag holds version of the resource for the context.
    VersionTag tag.Key
    // StateTypeConfigKeys holds key tags for runtime state metrics.
    StateTypeConfigKeys []tag.Key

func RecordDetailedStateType Uses

func RecordDetailedStateType(namespace, name string, collection fmt.Stringer, count int)

RecordDetailedStateType records name, namespace, version of the resource in Galley.

func RecordDetailedStateTypeWithContext Uses

func RecordDetailedStateTypeWithContext(ctx context.Context, collection string, count int)

RecordDetailedStateTypeWithContext event

func RecordOnTimer Uses

func RecordOnTimer(maxTimeReached, quiesceTimeReached, timerReset bool)

RecordOnTimer event

func RecordProcessorEventProcessed Uses

func RecordProcessorEventProcessed(eventSpan time.Duration)

RecordProcessorEventProcessed event

func RecordProcessorSnapshotPublished Uses

func RecordProcessorSnapshotPublished(events int64, snapshotSpan time.Duration)

RecordProcessorSnapshotPublished event

func RecordStateTypeCount Uses

func RecordStateTypeCount(collection string, count int)

RecordStateTypeCount event

func RecordStateTypeCountWithContext Uses

func RecordStateTypeCountWithContext(ctx context.Context, count int)

RecordStateTypeCountWithContext event

func RecordStrategyOnChange Uses

func RecordStrategyOnChange()

RecordStrategyOnChange event

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