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package transformer

import ""


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type Provider Uses

type Provider struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Provider includes the basic schema and a function to create a Transformer We do this instead of creating transformers directly because many transformers need ProcessorOptions that aren't available until after processing has started, but we need to know about inputs/outputs before that happens.

func NewProvider Uses

func NewProvider(inputs, outputs collection.Schemas, createFn func(processing.ProcessorOptions) event.Transformer) Provider

NewProvider creates a new transformer Provider

func NewSimpleTransformerProvider Uses

func NewSimpleTransformerProvider(input, output collection.Schema, handleFn func(e event.Event, h event.Handler)) Provider

NewSimpleTransformerProvider creates a basic transformer provider for a basic transformer

func (*Provider) Create Uses

func (p *Provider) Create(o processing.ProcessorOptions) event.Transformer

Create returns the actual Transformer for this provider

func (*Provider) Inputs Uses

func (p *Provider) Inputs() collection.Schemas

Inputs returns the input collections for this provider

func (*Provider) Outputs Uses

func (p *Provider) Outputs() collection.Schemas

Outputs returns the output collections for this provider

type Providers Uses

type Providers []Provider

Providers represents a list of Provider

func (Providers) Create Uses

func (t Providers) Create(o processing.ProcessorOptions) []event.Transformer

Create creates a list of providers from a list of Transformers

func (Providers) RequiredInputsFor Uses

func (t Providers) RequiredInputsFor(outputs collection.Names) map[collection.Name]struct{}

RequiredInputsFor back-maps a list of collections used as transformer outputs, returning the set of upstream input collections required to generate those outputs.

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