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package ingress

import ""


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common.go create.go gateway.go syntheticVirtualService.go virtualService.go


const (

    // IngressCertsPath is the path location for ingress certificates
    IngressCertsPath = "/etc/istio/ingress-certs/"

    // IngressCertFilename is the ingress cert file name
    IngressCertFilename = "tls.crt"

    // IngressKeyFilename is the ingress private key file name
    IngressKeyFilename = "tls.key"

    // RootCertFilename is mTLS root cert
    RootCertFilename = "root-cert.pem"

    // IstioIngressGatewayName is the internal gateway name assigned to ingress
    IstioIngressGatewayName = "istio-autogenerated-k8s-ingress"

    // IstioIngressNamespace is the namespace where Istio ingress controller is deployed
    IstioIngressNamespace = "istio-system"


var (
    // IstioIngressWorkloadLabels is the label assigned to Istio ingress pods
    IstioIngressWorkloadLabels = map[string]string{"istio": "ingress"}

func GetProviders Uses

func GetProviders() transformer.Providers

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