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package kuberesource

import ""


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func DefaultExcludedResourceKinds Uses

func DefaultExcludedResourceKinds() []string

DefaultExcludedResourceKinds returns the default list of resource kinds to exclude.

func DisableExcludedCollections Uses

func DisableExcludedCollections(in collection.Schemas, providers transformer.Providers,
    requiredCols collection.Names, excludedResourceKinds []string, enableServiceDiscovery bool) collection.Schemas

DisableExcludedCollections is a helper that filters collection.Schemas to disable some resources The first filter behaves in the same way as existing logic: - Builtin types are excluded by default. - If ServiceDiscovery is enabled, any built-in type should be re-added. In addition, any resources not needed as inputs by the specified collections are disabled

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