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package pb

import ""


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func UnmarshalData Uses

func UnmarshalData(pb proto.Message, data interface{}) error

UnmarshalData data into the proto.

func UnmarshalFromJSON Uses

func UnmarshalFromJSON(s collection.Schema, js string) (proto.Message, error)

UnmarshalFromJSON converts a canonical JSON to a proto message

func UnmarshalFromJSONMap Uses

func UnmarshalFromJSONMap(s collection.Schema, data interface{}) (proto.Message, error)

UnmarshalFromJSONMap converts from a generic map to a proto message using canonical JSON encoding JSON encoding is specified here:

func UnmarshalFromYAML Uses

func UnmarshalFromYAML(s collection.Schema, yml string) (proto.Message, error)

UnmarshalFromYAML converts a canonical YAML to a proto message

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