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package processing

import ""


Package Files

dispatcher.go handler.go listener.go

type Dispatcher Uses

type Dispatcher struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Dispatcher is a Handler that can dispatch events to other Handlers, based on Collection.

func (*Dispatcher) Handle Uses

func (d *Dispatcher) Handle(e resource.Event)

Handle implements Handler

type DispatcherBuilder Uses

type DispatcherBuilder struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

DispatcherBuilder builds Dispatchers

func NewDispatcherBuilder Uses

func NewDispatcherBuilder() *DispatcherBuilder

NewDispatcherBuilder returns a new dispatcher dispatcher

func (*DispatcherBuilder) Add Uses

func (d *DispatcherBuilder) Add(t resource.Collection, h Handler)

Add a new handler for the given Collection

func (*DispatcherBuilder) Build Uses

func (d *DispatcherBuilder) Build() *Dispatcher

Build a Dispatcher

type Handler Uses

type Handler interface {
    Handle(e resource.Event)

Handler handles an incoming resource event.

func HandlerFromFn Uses

func HandlerFromFn(fn func(e resource.Event)) Handler

HandlerFromFn returns a new Handler, based on the Handler function.

type Listener Uses

type Listener interface {
    CollectionChanged(c resource.Collection)

Listener gets notified when resource of a given collection has changed.

func ListenerFromFn Uses

func ListenerFromFn(fn func(c resource.Collection)) Listener

ListenerFromFn creates a listener based on the given function

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