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package publish

import ""


Package Files


type Strategy Uses

type Strategy struct {

    // Publish channel is used to trigger the publication of snapshots.
    Publish chan struct{}
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Strategy is a heuristic model for deciding when to publish snapshots. It tries to detect quiesce points for events with a total bounded wait time.

func NewStrategy Uses

func NewStrategy(
    maxWaitDuration time.Duration,
    quiesceDuration time.Duration,
    timerFrequency time.Duration) *Strategy

NewStrategy creates a new strategy with the given values.

func NewStrategyWithDefaults Uses

func NewStrategyWithDefaults() *Strategy

NewStrategyWithDefaults creates a new strategy with default values.

func (*Strategy) Close Uses

func (s *Strategy) Close()

func (*Strategy) OnChange Uses

func (s *Strategy) OnChange()

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