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package settings

import ""


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type Args Uses

type Args struct {
    // The path to kube configuration file.
    KubeConfig string

    // resync period to be passed to the K8s machinery.
    ResyncPeriod time.Duration

    // Address to use for Galley's gRPC API.
    APIAddress string

    // Maximum size of individual received gRPC messages
    MaxReceivedMessageSize uint

    // Maximum number of outstanding RPCs per connection
    MaxConcurrentStreams uint

    // Initial Window Size for gRPC connections
    InitialWindowSize uint

    // Initial Connection Window Size for gRPC connections
    InitialConnectionWindowSize uint

    // The credential options to use for MCP.
    CredentialOptions *creds.Options

    // The introspection options to use
    IntrospectionOptions *ctrlz.Options

    // AccessListFile is the YAML file that specifies ids of the allowed mTLS peers.
    AccessListFile string

    // ConfigPath is the path for Galley specific config files
    ConfigPath string

    // ExcludedResourceKinds is a list of resource kinds for which no source events will be triggered.
    ExcludedResourceKinds []string

    // MeshConfigFile is the path for mesh config
    MeshConfigFile string

    // DNS Domain suffix to use while constructing Ingress based resources.
    DomainSuffix string

    // SinkAddress should be set to the address of a MCP Resource
    // Sink service that Galley will dial out to. Leaving empty disables
    // sink.
    SinkAddress string

    // SinkAuthMode should be set to a name of an authentication plugin,
    // see the package.
    SinkAuthMode string

    // SinkMeta list of key=values to attach as gRPC stream metadata to
    // outgoing Sink connections.
    SinkMeta []string

    // Enables gRPC-level tracing
    EnableGRPCTracing bool

    // Insecure gRPC service is used for the MCP server. CertificateFile and KeyFile is ignored.
    Insecure bool

    // Enable galley server mode
    EnableServer bool

    // Enable service discovery / endpoint processing.
    EnableServiceDiscovery bool

    // Enable Config Analysis service, that will analyze and update CRD status. UseOldProcessor must be set to false.
    EnableConfigAnalysis bool

    // DisableResourceReadyCheck disables the CRD readiness check. This
    // allows Galley to start when not all supported CRD are
    // registered with the kube-apiserver.
    DisableResourceReadyCheck bool

    // WatchConfigFiles if set to true, enables Fsnotify watcher for watching and signaling config file changes.
    // Default is false
    WatchConfigFiles bool

    // keep-alive options for the MCP gRPC Server.
    KeepAlive *keepalive.Options

    ValidationArgs *validation.WebhookParameters

    Liveness        probe.Options
    Readiness       probe.Options
    MonitoringPort  uint
    EnableProfiling bool
    PprofPort       uint

    UseOldProcessor bool

    Snapshots       []string
    TriggerSnapshot string

Args contains the startup arguments to instantiate Galley.

func DefaultArgs Uses

func DefaultArgs() *Args

DefaultArgs allocates an Args struct initialized with Galley's default configuration.

func (*Args) String Uses

func (a *Args) String() string

String produces a stringified version of the arguments for debugging.

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