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package builtin

import ""


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func GetSchema Uses

func GetSchema() *schema.Instance

GetSchema returns the schema for all built-in types.

func IsBuiltIn Uses

func IsBuiltIn(kind string) bool

IsBuiltIn indicates whether there is a built-in source for the given kind.

func New Uses

func New(sharedInformers informers.SharedInformerFactory, spec schema.ResourceSpec) (runtime.Source, error)

New creates a new built-in source. If the type is not built-in, returns an error.

type Type Uses

type Type struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Type provides functions for a single built-in type.

func GetType Uses

func GetType(kind string) *Type

GetType returns the built-in Type for the given kind, or nil if the kind is unsupported.

func (*Type) ExtractObject Uses

func (p *Type) ExtractObject(o interface{}) metav1.Object

ExtractObject extracts the k8s object metadata from the given object of this type.

func (*Type) ExtractResource Uses

func (p *Type) ExtractResource(o interface{}) proto.Message

ExtractResource extracts the resource proto from the given object of this type.

func (*Type) GetSpec Uses

func (p *Type) GetSpec() *schema.ResourceSpec

GetSpec returns the schema.ResourceSpec associated with this built-in type.

func (*Type) IsEqual Uses

func (p *Type) IsEqual(o1 interface{}, o2 interface{}) bool

IsEqual indicates if the two objects of this type are equivalent

func (*Type) NewInformer Uses

func (p *Type) NewInformer(sharedInformers informers.SharedInformerFactory) cache.SharedIndexInformer

NewInformer creates a new k8s informer for resources of this type.

func (*Type) ParseJSON Uses

func (p *Type) ParseJSON(input []byte) (interface{}, error)

ParseJSON parses the given JSON into a k8s object of this type.

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