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package converter

import ""


Package Files

config.go converter.go proto.go

type Config Uses

type Config struct {
    // The cached mesh configuration.
    Mesh meshconfig.Cache
    // Domain suffix to use for service names.
    DomainSuffix string

Config holds runtime configuration for converters

type Entry Uses

type Entry struct {
    Key      resource.FullName
    Metadata resource.Metadata
    Resource proto.Message

Entry is a single converted entry.

type Fn Uses

type Fn func(cfg *Config, destination resource.Info, name resource.FullName, kind string, u *unstructured.Unstructured) ([]Entry, error)

Fn is a conversion function that converts the given unstructured CRD into the destination Resource.

func Get Uses

func Get(name string) Fn

Get returns the named converter function, or panics if it is not found.

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