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package events

import ""


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func ChannelHandler Uses

func ChannelHandler(ch chan resource.Event) resource.EventHandler

ChannelHandler creates an EventHandler that adds the event to the provided channel.

func Expect Uses

func Expect(t *testing.T, ch chan resource.Event, options ...retry.Option) resource.Event

Expect polls the channel for the next event and returns it. Fails the test if no event found.

func ExpectNone Uses

func ExpectNone(t *testing.T, ch chan resource.Event, options ...retry.Option)

ExpectNone polls the channel and fails the test if any events are available.

func ExpectOne Uses

func ExpectOne(t *testing.T, ch chan resource.Event, options ...retry.Option) resource.Event

ExpectOne polls the channel and ensures that only a single event is available. Fails the test if the number of events != 1.

func Poll Uses

func Poll(ch chan resource.Event, options ...retry.Option) *resource.Event

Poll polls the channel to see if there is an event waiting. Returns either the next event or nil.

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