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package mock

import ""


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appsv1.go corev1.go deployments.go endpoints.go extensionsv1.go ingresses.go kube.go kube_interface.go namespaces.go nodes.go pods.go services.go watch.go

type Kube Uses

type Kube struct {
    APIExtClientSet *fake.Clientset
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Kube is a mock implementation of galley/pkg/common/Kube

func NewKube Uses

func NewKube() *Kube

NewKube returns a new instance of mock Kube.

func (*Kube) APIExtensionsClientset Uses

func (k *Kube) APIExtensionsClientset() (clientset.Interface, error)

APIExtensionsClientset implements client.Interfaces

func (*Kube) AddResponse Uses

func (k *Kube) AddResponse(r1 interface{}, r2 error)

AddResponse adds a new response to this mock.

func (*Kube) DynamicInterface Uses

func (k *Kube) DynamicInterface() (dynamic.Interface, error)

DynamicInterface implementation.

func (*Kube) KubeClient Uses

func (k *Kube) KubeClient() (kubernetes.Interface, error)

KubeClient implements client.Interfaces

type Watch Uses

type Watch struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Watch is a mock implementation of watch.Interface.

func NewWatch Uses

func NewWatch() *Watch

NewWatch returns a new Watch instance.

func (*Watch) ResultChan Uses

func (w *Watch) ResultChan() <-chan watch.Event

ResultChan is an implementation of watch.Interface.ResultChan.

func (*Watch) Send Uses

func (w *Watch) Send(event watch.Event)

Send a watch event through the result channel.

func (*Watch) Stop Uses

func (w *Watch) Stop()

Stop is an implementation of watch.Interface.Watch.

type Watches Uses

type Watches []*Watch

func (Watches) Send Uses

func (arr Watches) Send(event watch.Event)

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