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package cmd

import ""


Package Files

add-to-mesh.go analyze.go authz.go convert_ingress.go dashboard.go deprecated_cmd.go deregister.go describe.go kubeinject.go kubeuninject.go metrics.go options.go proxyconfig.go proxystatus.go register.go remove-from-mesh.go root.go sidecar-bootstrap.go sysexits.go version.go wait.go webhook.go


const (
    FileParseString = "Some files couldn't be parsed."
    LogOutput       = "log"
    JSONOutput      = "json"
    YamlOutput      = "yaml"
const (
    ExitUnknownError   = 1 // for compatibility with existing exit code
    ExitIncorrectUsage = 64
    ExitDataError      = 65 // some format error with input data

    // below here are non-zero exit codes that don't indicate an error with istioctl itself
    ExitAnalyzerFoundIssues = 79 // istioctl analyze found issues, for CI/CD

Values should try to use sendmail-style values as in <sysexits.h> See e.g. or `less /usr/includes/sysexits.h` if you're on Linux

Picking the right range is tricky--there are a lot of reserved ones (see and then some used by convention (see sysexits).

The intention here is to use 64-78 in a way that matches the attempt in sysexits to signify some error running istioctl, and use 79-125 as custom error codes for other info that we'd like to use to pass info on.

func Analyze Uses

func Analyze() *cobra.Command

Analyze command

func AnalyzersAsString Uses

func AnalyzersAsString(analyzers []analysis.Analyzer) string

func AuthZ Uses

func AuthZ() *cobra.Command

AuthZ groups commands used for inspecting and interacting the authorization policy. Note: this is still under active development and is not ready for real use.

func GetExitCode Uses

func GetExitCode(e error) int

func GetRootCmd Uses

func GetRootCmd(args []string) *cobra.Command

GetRootCmd returns the root of the cobra command-tree.

func LevelFromString Uses

func LevelFromString(s string) (diag.Level, error)

func Webhook Uses

func Webhook() *cobra.Command

Webhook command to manage webhook configurations

type AnalyzerFoundIssuesError Uses

type AnalyzerFoundIssuesError struct{}

AnalyzerFoundIssuesError indicates that at least one analyzer found problems.

func (AnalyzerFoundIssuesError) Error Uses

func (f AnalyzerFoundIssuesError) Error() string

type CommandParseError Uses

type CommandParseError struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

CommandParseError distinguishes an error parsing istioctl CLI arguments from an error processing

func (CommandParseError) Error Uses

func (c CommandParseError) Error() string

type FileParseError Uses

type FileParseError struct{}

FileParseError indicates a provided file was unable to be parsed.

func (FileParseError) Error Uses

func (f FileParseError) Error() string

type Level Uses

type Level int

Level is an enumeration of all supported log levels.

const (
    // OffLevel disables logging
    OffLevel Level = iota
    // CriticalLevel enables critical level logging
    // ErrorLevel enables error level logging
    // WarningLevel enables warning level logging
    // InfoLevel enables info level logging
    // DebugLevel enables debug level logging
    // TraceLevel enables trace level logging


istioctlCommand istioctl is a Istio configuration command line utility.

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