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package cmd

import ""


Package Files

add-to-mesh.go analyze.go auth.go authn.go convert_ingress.go dashboard.go deprecated_cmd.go deregister.go describe.go kubeinject.go kubeuninject.go metrics.go proxyconfig.go proxystatus.go register.go remove-from-mesh.go root.go version.go wait.go webhook.go

func Analyze Uses

func Analyze() *cobra.Command

Analyze command Once we're ready to move this functionality out of the "experimental" subtree, we should merge with `istioctl validate`.

func Auth Uses

func Auth() *cobra.Command

Auth groups commands used for checking the authentication and authorization policy status. Note: this is still under active development and is not ready for real use.

func AuthN Uses

func AuthN() *cobra.Command

AuthN provides a command named authn that allows user to interact with Istio authentication policies.

func GetRootCmd Uses

func GetRootCmd(args []string) *cobra.Command

GetRootCmd returns the root of the cobra command-tree.

func Webhook Uses

func Webhook() *cobra.Command

Webhook command to manage webhook configurations

type Level Uses

type Level int

Level is an enumeration of all supported log levels.

const (
    // OffLevel disables logging
    OffLevel Level = iota
    // CriticalLevel enables critical level logging
    // ErrorLevel enables error level logging
    // WarningLevel enables warning level logging
    // InfoLevel enables info level logging
    // DebugLevel enables debug level logging
    // TraceLevel enables trace level logging


istioctlCommand istioctl is a Istio configuration command line utility.

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