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package k8sversion

import ""


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const (
    // MinK8SVersion is the minimum k8s version required to run this version of Istio
    MinK8SVersion = 17

func CheckKubernetesVersion Uses

func CheckKubernetesVersion(versionInfo *version.Info) (bool, error)

CheckKubernetesVersion checks if this Istio version is supported in the k8s version

func GetKubernetesVersion Uses

func GetKubernetesVersion(restConfig *rest.Config) (int, error)

GetKubernetesVersion fetches the Kubernetes minor version. For example, `v1.19.1` will return `19`

func IsK8VersionSupported Uses

func IsK8VersionSupported(clientset kubernetes.Interface, l clog.Logger) error

IsK8VersionSupported checks minimum supported Kubernetes version for istio

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