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package configdump

import ""


Package Files

bootstrap.go cluster.go listener.go route.go secret.go util.go wrapper.go

type Wrapper Uses

type Wrapper struct {

Wrapper is a wrapper around the Envoy ConfigDump It has extra helper functions for handling any/struct/marshal protobuf pain

func (*Wrapper) GetBootstrapConfigDump Uses

func (w *Wrapper) GetBootstrapConfigDump() (*adminapi.BootstrapConfigDump, error)

GetBootstrapConfigDump retrieves the bootstrap config dump from the ConfigDump

func (*Wrapper) GetClusterConfigDump Uses

func (w *Wrapper) GetClusterConfigDump() (*adminapi.ClustersConfigDump, error)

GetClusterConfigDump retrieves the cluster config dump from the ConfigDump

func (*Wrapper) GetDynamicClusterDump Uses

func (w *Wrapper) GetDynamicClusterDump(stripVersions bool) (*adminapi.ClustersConfigDump, error)

GetDynamicClusterDump retrieves a cluster dump with just dynamic active clusters in it

func (*Wrapper) GetDynamicListenerDump Uses

func (w *Wrapper) GetDynamicListenerDump(stripVersions bool) (*adminapi.ListenersConfigDump, error)

GetDynamicListenerDump retrieves a listener dump with just dynamic active listeners in it

func (*Wrapper) GetDynamicRouteDump Uses

func (w *Wrapper) GetDynamicRouteDump(stripVersions bool) (*adminapi.RoutesConfigDump, error)

GetDynamicRouteDump retrieves a route dump with just dynamic active routes in it

func (*Wrapper) GetLastUpdatedDynamicRouteTime Uses

func (w *Wrapper) GetLastUpdatedDynamicRouteTime() (*time.Time, error)

GetLastUpdatedDynamicRouteTime retrieves the LastUpdated timestamp of the most recently updated DynamicRouteConfig

func (*Wrapper) GetListenerConfigDump Uses

func (w *Wrapper) GetListenerConfigDump() (*adminapi.ListenersConfigDump, error)

GetListenerConfigDump retrieves the listener config dump from the ConfigDump

func (*Wrapper) GetRouteConfigDump Uses

func (w *Wrapper) GetRouteConfigDump() (*adminapi.RoutesConfigDump, error)

GetRouteConfigDump retrieves the route config dump from the ConfigDump

func (*Wrapper) GetSecretConfigDump Uses

func (w *Wrapper) GetSecretConfigDump() (*adminapi.SecretsConfigDump, error)

GetSecretsConfigDump retrieves a secret dump from a config dump wrapper

func (*Wrapper) MarshalJSON Uses

func (w *Wrapper) MarshalJSON() ([]byte, error)

MarshalJSON is a custom marshaller to handle protobuf pain

func (*Wrapper) UnmarshalJSON Uses

func (w *Wrapper) UnmarshalJSON(b []byte) error

UnmarshalJSON is a custom unmarshaller to handle protobuf pain

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