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package memquota

import ""

Package memquota provides a simple in-memory quota implementation. It's trivial to set up, but it has various limitations:

- Obviously, the data set must be able to fit in memory.

- When Mixer crashes/restarts, all quota values are erased. This means this isn't good for allocation quotas although it works well enough for rate limits quotas.

- Since the data is all memory-resident and there isn't any cross-node synchronization, this adapter can't be used in an Istio mixer where a single service can be handled by different mixer instances.


Package Files

dedup.go keys.go memquota.go rollingWindow.go

func GetInfo Uses

func GetInfo() adapter.Info

GetInfo returns the Info associated with this adapter implementation.

type Limit Uses

type Limit interface {
    GetMaxAmount() int64
    GetValidDuration() time.Duration

Limit is implemented by Quota and Override messages.



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