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package storetest

import ""

Package storetest provides the utility functions of config store for testing. Shouldn't be imported outside of the test.


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func SetupStoreForTest Uses

func SetupStoreForTest(data ...string) (store.Store, error)

SetupStoreForTest creates an on-memory store backend, initializes its data with the specified specs, and returns a new store with the backend. Note that this store can't change, Watch does not emit any events.

type Memstore Uses

type Memstore struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Memstore is an on-memory store backend. Used only for testing.

func NewMemstore Uses

func NewMemstore() *Memstore

NewMemstore creates a new Memstore instance.

func (*Memstore) Delete Uses

func (m *Memstore) Delete(k store.Key)

Delete removes a resource for the specified key from the memstore.

func (*Memstore) Get Uses

func (m *Memstore) Get(key store.Key) (*store.BackEndResource, error)

Get implements store.Backend interface.

func (*Memstore) Init Uses

func (m *Memstore) Init(kinds []string) error

Init implements store.Backend interface.

func (*Memstore) List Uses

func (m *Memstore) List() map[store.Key]*store.BackEndResource

List implements store.Backend interface.

func (*Memstore) Put Uses

func (m *Memstore) Put(r *store.BackEndResource)

Put adds a new resource to the memstore.

func (*Memstore) Stop Uses

func (m *Memstore) Stop()

Stop implements store.Backend interface.

func (*Memstore) WaitForSynced Uses

func (m *Memstore) WaitForSynced(time.Duration) error

WaitForSynced implements store.Backend interface

func (*Memstore) Watch Uses

func (m *Memstore) Watch() (<-chan store.BackendEvent, error)

Watch implements store.Backend interface.

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