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package text

import ""


Package Files

read.go scanner.go write.go

func MergeText Uses

func MergeText(text string, program *il.Program) error

MergeText parses the given il assembly text and merges its contents into the Program.

func ReadText Uses

func ReadText(text string) (*il.Program, error)

ReadText parses the given il assembly text and converts it into a Program.

func WriteFn Uses

func WriteFn(b *bytes.Buffer, code []uint32, f *il.Function, strings *il.StringTable, tag uint32)

WriteFn writes the given function to the given byte-buffer, as string. If the tag parameter is non-zero, a comment-based tag is also printed next to the op-code at the index indicated by tag.

func WriteText Uses

func WriteText(p *il.Program) string

WriteText writes the program in the textual assembly form and returns it as string.

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