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package prometheus

import ""


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type NoSessionServer Uses

type NoSessionServer struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

NoSessionServer models no session adapter backend.

func NewNoSessionServer Uses

func NewNoSessionServer(addr uint16, promAddr uint16) (*NoSessionServer, error)

NewNoSessionServer creates a new no session server from given args.

func (*NoSessionServer) Addr Uses

func (s *NoSessionServer) Addr() string

Addr returns the listening address of the server

func (*NoSessionServer) Close Uses

func (s *NoSessionServer) Close() error

Close gracefully shuts down the server

func (*NoSessionServer) HandleMetric Uses

func (s *NoSessionServer) HandleMetric(ctx context.Context, r *metric.HandleMetricRequest) (*adptModel.ReportResult, error)

HandleMetric records metric entries and responds with the programmed response

func (*NoSessionServer) PromPort Uses

func (s *NoSessionServer) PromPort() int

PromPort returns the listening address of the prometheus server

func (*NoSessionServer) Run Uses

func (s *NoSessionServer) Run()

Run starts the server run

func (*NoSessionServer) Wait Uses

func (s *NoSessionServer) Wait() error

Wait waits for server to stop

type Server Uses

type Server interface {
    Addr() string
    Close() error
    PromPort() int

Server is basic server interface



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