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package validation

import ""


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func CheckServicePorts Uses

func CheckServicePorts(values *valuesv1alpha1.Values, spec *v1alpha1.IstioOperatorSpec) util.Errors

CheckServicePorts validates Service ports. Specifically, this currently asserts that all ports will bind to a port number greater than 1024 when not running as root.

func ValidateConfig Uses

func ValidateConfig(failOnMissingValidation bool, iopls *v1alpha1.IstioOperatorSpec) (util.Errors, string)

ValidateConfig calls validation func for every defined element in Values

func ValidateSubTypes Uses

func ValidateSubTypes(e reflect.Value, failOnMissingValidation bool, values *valuesv1alpha1.Values, iopls *v1alpha1.IstioOperatorSpec) util.Errors

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