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package name

import ""


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const (
    CRDStr                            = "CustomResourceDefinition"
    ClusterRoleStr                    = "ClusterRole"
    ClusterRoleBindingStr             = "ClusterRoleBinding"
    CMStr                             = "ConfigMap"
    DaemonSetStr                      = "DaemonSet"
    DeploymentStr                     = "Deployment"
    EndpointStr                       = "Endpoints"
    HPAStr                            = "HorizontalPodAutoscaler"
    IngressStr                        = "Ingress"
    MutatingWebhookConfigurationStr   = "MutatingWebhookConfiguration"
    NamespaceStr                      = "Namespace"
    PVCStr                            = "PersistentVolumeClaim"
    PodStr                            = "Pod"
    PDBStr                            = "PodDisruptionBudget"
    ReplicationControllerStr          = "ReplicationController"
    ReplicaSetStr                     = "ReplicaSet"
    RoleStr                           = "Role"
    RoleBindingStr                    = "RoleBinding"
    SAStr                             = "ServiceAccount"
    ServiceStr                        = "Service"
    SecretStr                         = "Secret"
    StatefulSetStr                    = "StatefulSet"
    ValidatingWebhookConfigurationStr = "ValidatingWebhookConfiguration"

Kubernetes Kind strings.

const (
    EnvoyFilterStr        = "EnvoyFilter"
    GatewayStr            = "Gateway"
    DestinationRuleStr    = "DestinationRule"
    MeshPolicyStr         = "MeshPolicy"
    PeerAuthenticationStr = "PeerAuthentication"
    VirtualServiceStr     = "VirtualService"
    IstioOperatorStr      = "IstioOperator"

Istio Kind strings

const (
    AuthenticationAPIGroupName = ""
    ConfigAPIGroupName         = ""
    NetworkingAPIGroupName     = ""
    OperatorAPIGroupName       = ""
    SecurityAPIGroupName       = ""

Istio API Group Names

const (
    // OperatorAPINamespace is the API namespace for operator config.
    // TODO: move this to a base definitions file when one is created.
    OperatorAPINamespace = OperatorAPIGroupName

    // DefaultProfileName is the name of the default profile.
    DefaultProfileName = "default"

    // installedSpecCRPrefix is the prefix of any IstioOperator CR stored in the cluster that is a copy of the CR used
    // in the last install operation.
    InstalledSpecCRPrefix = "installed-state"
const (
    IstioDefaultNamespace = "istio-system"

Istio default namespace


var (
    AllCoreComponentNames = []ComponentName{

    // AllComponentNames is a list of all Istio components.
    AllComponentNames = append(AllCoreComponentNames, IngressComponentName, EgressComponentName,
        IstioOperatorComponentName, IstioOperatorCustomResourceName)

    // ValuesEnablementPathMap defines a mapping between legacy values enablement paths and the corresponding enablement
    // paths in IstioOperator.
    ValuesEnablementPathMap = map[string]string{
        "spec.values.gateways.istio-ingressgateway.enabled": "spec.components.ingressGateways.[name:istio-ingressgateway].enabled",
        "spec.values.gateways.istio-egressgateway.enabled":  "spec.components.egressGateways.[name:istio-egressgateway].enabled",

func MergeManifestSlices Uses

func MergeManifestSlices(manifests []string) string

MergeManifestSlices merges a slice of manifests into a single manifest string.

func Namespace Uses

func Namespace(componentName ComponentName, controlPlaneSpec *v1alpha1.IstioOperatorSpec) (string, error)

Namespace returns the namespace for the component. It follows these rules: 1. If DefaultNamespace is unset, log and error and return the empty string. 2. If the feature and component namespaces are unset, return DefaultNamespace. 3. If the feature namespace is set but component name is unset, return the feature namespace. 4. Otherwise return the component namespace. Namespace assumes that controlPlaneSpec has been validated. TODO: remove extra validations when comfort level is high enough.

func UserFacingComponentName Uses

func UserFacingComponentName(name ComponentName) string

UserFacingComponentName returns the name of the given component that should be displayed to the user in high level CLIs (like progress log).

type ComponentName Uses

type ComponentName string

ComponentName is a component name string, typed to constrain allowed values.

const (
    // IstioComponent names corresponding to the IstioOperator proto component names. Must be the same, since these
    // are used for struct traversal.
    IstioBaseComponentName ComponentName = "Base"
    PilotComponentName     ComponentName = "Pilot"

    CNIComponentName ComponentName = "Cni"

    // istiod remote component
    IstiodRemoteComponentName ComponentName = "IstiodRemote"

    // Gateway components
    IngressComponentName ComponentName = "IngressGateways"
    EgressComponentName  ComponentName = "EgressGateways"

    // Operator components
    IstioOperatorComponentName      ComponentName = "IstioOperator"
    IstioOperatorCustomResourceName ComponentName = "IstioOperatorCustomResource"

func TitleCase Uses

func TitleCase(n ComponentName) ComponentName

TitleCase returns a capitalized version of n.

func (ComponentName) IsGateway Uses

func (cn ComponentName) IsGateway() bool

IsGateway reports whether cn is a gateway component.

type ComponentNamesConfig Uses

type ComponentNamesConfig struct {
    DeprecatedComponentNames []string

ComponentNamesConfig is used for unmarshaling legacy and addon naming data.

type Manifest Uses

type Manifest struct {
    Name    ComponentName
    Content string

Manifest defines a manifest for a component.

type ManifestMap Uses

type ManifestMap map[ComponentName][]string

ManifestMap is a map of ComponentName to its manifest string.

func (ManifestMap) Consolidated Uses

func (mm ManifestMap) Consolidated() map[string]string

Consolidated returns a representation of mm where all manifests in the slice under a key are combined into a single manifest.

func (ManifestMap) String Uses

func (mm ManifestMap) String() string

String implements the Stringer interface.

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