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package progress

import ""


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type InstallState Uses

type InstallState int
const (
    StateInstalling InstallState = iota

type Log Uses

type Log struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Log records the progress of an installation This aims to provide information about the install of multiple components in parallel, while working around the limitations of the pb library, which will only support single lines. To do this, we aggregate the current components into a single line, and as components complete there final state is persisted to a new line.

func NewLog Uses

func NewLog() *Log

func (*Log) NewComponent Uses

func (p *Log) NewComponent(component string) *ManifestLog

func (*Log) SetMessage Uses

func (p *Log) SetMessage(status string, finish bool)

func (*Log) SetState Uses

func (p *Log) SetState(state InstallState)

type ManifestLog Uses

type ManifestLog struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

ManifestLog records progress for a single component

func (*ManifestLog) ReportError Uses

func (p *ManifestLog) ReportError(err string)

func (*ManifestLog) ReportFinished Uses

func (p *ManifestLog) ReportFinished()

func (*ManifestLog) ReportProgress Uses

func (p *ManifestLog) ReportProgress()

func (*ManifestLog) ReportWaiting Uses

func (p *ManifestLog) ReportWaiting(resources []string)

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