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package util

import ""


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stats.go util.go

func GetReadinessStats Uses

func GetReadinessStats(localHostAddr string, adminPort uint16) (*uint64, bool, error)

GetReadinessStats returns the current Envoy state by checking the "server.state" stat.

type Stats Uses

type Stats struct {
    // Update Stats.
    CDSUpdatesSuccess   uint64
    CDSUpdatesRejection uint64
    LDSUpdatesSuccess   uint64
    LDSUpdatesRejection uint64
    // Server State of Envoy.
    ServerState    uint64
    WorkersStarted uint64

Stats contains values of interest from a poll of Envoy stats.

func GetUpdateStatusStats Uses

func GetUpdateStatusStats(localHostAddr string, adminPort uint16) (*Stats, error)

GetUpdateStatusStats returns the version stats for CDS and LDS.

func (*Stats) String Uses

func (s *Stats) String() string

String representation of the Stats.

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