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package ingress

import ""

Package ingress provides a read-only view of Kubernetes ingress resources as an ingress rule configuration type store


Package Files

controller.go conversion.go status.go

func ConvertIngressV1alpha3 Uses

func ConvertIngressV1alpha3(ingress v1beta1.Ingress, domainSuffix string) model.Config

ConvertIngressV1alpha3 converts from ingress spec to Istio Gateway

func ConvertIngressVirtualService Uses

func ConvertIngressVirtualService(ingress v1beta1.Ingress, domainSuffix string, ingressByHost map[string]*model.Config)

ConvertIngressVirtualService converts from ingress spec to Istio VirtualServices

func EncodeIngressRuleName Uses

func EncodeIngressRuleName(ingressName string, ruleNum, pathNum int) string

EncodeIngressRuleName encodes an ingress rule name for a given ingress resource name, as well as the position of the rule and path specified within it, counting from 1. ruleNum == pathNum == 0 indicates the default backend specified for an ingress.

func NewController Uses

func NewController(client kubernetes.Interface, mesh *meshconfig.MeshConfig,
    options kubecontroller.Options) model.ConfigStoreCache

NewController creates a new Kubernetes controller

type StatusSyncer Uses

type StatusSyncer struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

StatusSyncer keeps the status IP in each Ingress resource updated

func NewStatusSyncer Uses

func NewStatusSyncer(mesh *meshconfig.MeshConfig,
    client kubernetes.Interface,
    pilotNamespace string,
    options controller2.Options) (*StatusSyncer, error)

NewStatusSyncer creates a new instance

func (*StatusSyncer) Run Uses

func (s *StatusSyncer) Run(stopCh <-chan struct{})

Run the syncer until stopCh is closed

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