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package ingress

import ""

Package ingress provides a read-only view of Kubernetes ingress resources as an ingress rule configuration type store


Package Files

controller.go conversion.go status.go


const (
    IstioIngressController = ""

func ConvertIngressV1alpha3 Uses

func ConvertIngressV1alpha3(ingress v1beta1.Ingress, domainSuffix string) model.Config

ConvertIngressV1alpha3 converts from ingress spec to Istio Gateway

func ConvertIngressVirtualService Uses

func ConvertIngressVirtualService(ingress v1beta1.Ingress, domainSuffix string, ingressByHost map[string]*model.Config)

ConvertIngressVirtualService converts from ingress spec to Istio VirtualServices

func EncodeIngressRuleName Uses

func EncodeIngressRuleName(ingressName string, ruleNum, pathNum int) string

EncodeIngressRuleName encodes an ingress rule name for a given ingress resource name, as well as the position of the rule and path specified within it, counting from 1. ruleNum == pathNum == 0 indicates the default backend specified for an ingress.

func NewController Uses

func NewController(client kubernetes.Interface, mesh *meshconfig.MeshConfig,
    options kubecontroller.Options) model.ConfigStoreCache

NewController creates a new Kubernetes controller

type StatusSyncer Uses

type StatusSyncer struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

StatusSyncer keeps the status IP in each Ingress resource updated

func NewStatusSyncer Uses

func NewStatusSyncer(mesh *meshconfig.MeshConfig,
    client kubernetes.Interface,
    options controller2.Options,
    l *leaderelection.LeaderElection) (*StatusSyncer, error)

NewStatusSyncer creates a new instance

func (*StatusSyncer) Run Uses

func (s *StatusSyncer) Run(stopCh <-chan struct{})

Run the syncer until stopCh is closed

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