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package dns

import ""


Package Files

dns.go proxy.go

type LocalDNSServer Uses

type LocalDNSServer struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Holds configurations for the DNS downstreamUDPServer in Istio Agent

func NewLocalDNSServer Uses

func NewLocalDNSServer(proxyNamespace, proxyDomain string) (*LocalDNSServer, error)

func (*LocalDNSServer) Close Uses

func (h *LocalDNSServer) Close()

func (*LocalDNSServer) ServeDNS Uses

func (h *LocalDNSServer) ServeDNS(proxy *dnsProxy, w dns.ResponseWriter, req *dns.Msg)

ServerDNS is the implementation of DNS interface

func (*LocalDNSServer) StartDNS Uses

func (h *LocalDNSServer) StartDNS()

StartDNS starts the DNS-over-UDP downstreamUDPServer.

func (*LocalDNSServer) UpdateLookupTable Uses

func (h *LocalDNSServer) UpdateLookupTable(nt *nds.NameTable)

type LookupTable Uses

type LookupTable struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

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