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package leaderelection

import ""


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const (
    NamespaceController  = "istio-namespace-controller-election"
    ValidationController = "istio-validation-controller-election"
    // This holds the legacy name to not conflict with older control plane deployments which are just
    // doing the ingress syncing.
    IngressController = "istio-leader"
    StatusController  = "istio-status-leader"
    AnalyzeController = "istio-analyze-leader"

Various locks used throughout the code

type LeaderElection Uses

type LeaderElection struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewLeaderElection Uses

func NewLeaderElection(namespace, name, electionID string, client kubernetes.Interface) *LeaderElection

func (*LeaderElection) AddRunFunction Uses

func (l *LeaderElection) AddRunFunction(f func(stop <-chan struct{})) *LeaderElection

AddRunFunction registers a function to run when we are the leader. These will be run asynchronously. To avoid running when not a leader, functions should respect the stop channel.

func (*LeaderElection) Run Uses

func (l *LeaderElection) Run(stop <-chan struct{})

Run will start leader election, calling all runFns when we become the leader.

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