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package core

import ""


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type ConfigGenerator Uses

type ConfigGenerator interface {
    // BuildListeners returns the list of inbound/outbound listeners for the given proxy. This is the LDS output
    // Internally, the computation will be optimized to ensure that listeners are computed only
    // once and shared across multiple invocations of this function.
    BuildListeners(node *model.Proxy, push *model.PushContext) []*listener.Listener

    // BuildClusters returns the list of clusters for the given proxy. This is the CDS output
    BuildClusters(node *model.Proxy, push *model.PushContext) []*cluster.Cluster

    // BuildHTTPRoutes returns the list of HTTP routes for the given proxy. This is the RDS output
    BuildHTTPRoutes(node *model.Proxy, push *model.PushContext, routeNames []string) []*route.RouteConfiguration

    // BuildNameTable returns list of hostnames and the associated IPs
    BuildNameTable(node *model.Proxy, push *model.PushContext) *nds.NameTable

    // BuildExtensionConfiguration returns the list of extension configuration for the given proxy and list of names. This is the ECDS output.
    BuildExtensionConfiguration(node *model.Proxy, push *model.PushContext, extensionConfigNames []string) []*core.TypedExtensionConfig

    // ConfigChanged is invoked when mesh config is changed, giving a chance to rebuild any cached config.
    MeshConfigChanged(mesh *meshconfig.MeshConfig)

ConfigGenerator represents the interfaces to be implemented by code that generates xDS responses

func NewConfigGenerator Uses

func NewConfigGenerator(plugins []string, cache model.XdsCache) ConfigGenerator

NewConfigGenerator creates a new instance of the dataplane configuration generator


v1alpha3/loadbalancerpackages used for load balancer setting

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