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package envoyfilter

import ""


Package Files

cluster_patch.go deprecated.go listener_patch.go rc_patch.go

func ApplyClusterPatches Uses

func ApplyClusterPatches(
    patchContext networking.EnvoyFilter_PatchContext,
    proxy *model.Proxy,
    push *model.PushContext,
    clusters []*xdsapi.Cluster) (out []*xdsapi.Cluster)

ApplyClusterPatches applies patches to CDS clusters

func ApplyListenerPatches Uses

func ApplyListenerPatches(
    patchContext networking.EnvoyFilter_PatchContext,
    proxy *model.Proxy,
    push *model.PushContext,
    listeners []*xdsapi.Listener,
    skipAdds bool) (out []*xdsapi.Listener)

ApplyListenerPatches applies patches to LDS output

func ApplyRouteConfigurationPatches Uses

func ApplyRouteConfigurationPatches(
    patchContext networking.EnvoyFilter_PatchContext,
    proxy *model.Proxy,
    push *model.PushContext,
    routeConfiguration *xdsapi.RouteConfiguration) (out *xdsapi.RouteConfiguration)

func DeprecatedInsertUserFilters Uses

func DeprecatedInsertUserFilters(in *plugin.InputParams, listener *xdsapi.Listener,
    httpConnectionManagers []*http_conn.HttpConnectionManager) error

DeprecatedInsertUserFilters inserts envoy filters from deprecated envoy filter config. We process EnvoyFilter CRDs after calling all plugins and building the listener with the required filter chains Having the entire filter chain is essential because users can specify one or more filters to be inserted before/after a filter or remove one or more filters. We use the plugin.InputParams as a convenience object to pass around parameters like proxy, proxyInstances, ports, etc., instead of having a long argument list If one or more filters are added to the HTTP connection manager, we will update the last filter in the listener filter chain (which is the http connection manager) with the updated object.

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