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package v1alpha1

import ""


Package Files

model.go policy_applier.go

func GetMutualTLS Uses

func GetMutualTLS(policy *authn_v1alpha1.Policy) *authn_v1alpha1.MutualTls

GetMutualTLS returns pointer to mTLS params if the policy use mTLS for (peer) authentication. (note that mTLS params can still be nil). Otherwise, return (false, nil). Callers should ensure the proxy is of sidecar type.

func GetMutualTLSMode Uses

func GetMutualTLSMode(policy *authn.Policy) authn_model.MutualTLSMode

GetMutualTLSMode returns the mTLS mode for given. If the policy is nil, or doesn't define mTLS, it returns MTLSDisable.

func NewPolicyApplier Uses

func NewPolicyApplier(policy *authn_v1alpha1.Policy) authn.PolicyApplier

NewPolicyApplier returns new applier for v1alpha1 authentication policy.

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