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package builder

import ""


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type Builder Uses

type Builder struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Builder wraps all needed information for building the RBAC filter for a service.

func NewBuilder Uses

func NewBuilder(trustDomainBundle trustdomain.Bundle, serviceInstance *model.ServiceInstance,
    workloadLabels labels.Collection, configNamespace string,
    policies *model.AuthorizationPolicies, isXDSMarshalingToAnyEnabled bool) *Builder

NewBuilder creates a builder instance that can be used to build corresponding RBAC filter config.

func (*Builder) BuildHTTPFilter Uses

func (b *Builder) BuildHTTPFilter() *http_filter.HttpFilter

BuildHTTPFilter builds the RBAC HTTP filter.

func (*Builder) BuildTCPFilter Uses

func (b *Builder) BuildTCPFilter() *tcp_filter.Filter

BuildTCPFilter builds the RBAC TCP filter.

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