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package builder

import ""


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type Builder Uses

type Builder struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Builder builds Istio authorization policy to Envoy RBAC filter.

func New Uses

func New(trustDomainBundle trustdomain.Bundle, workload labels.Collection, namespace string,
    policies *model.AuthorizationPolicies, isIstioVersionGE15 bool) *Builder

New returns a new builder for the given workload with the authorization policy. Returns nil if none of the authorization policies are enabled for the workload.

func (Builder) BuildHTTP Uses

func (b Builder) BuildHTTP() []*httppb.HttpFilter

BuilderHTTP returns the RBAC HTTP filters built from the authorization policy.

func (Builder) BuildTCP Uses

func (b Builder) BuildTCP() []*tcppb.Filter

BuildTCP returns the RBAC TCP filters built from the authorization policy.

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