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package matcher

import ""


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cidr.go header.go metadata.go string.go

func CidrRange Uses

func CidrRange(v string) (*corepb.CidrRange, error)

CidrRange converts a CIDR or a single IP string to a corresponding CidrRange. For a single IP string the converted CidrRange prefix is either 32 (for ipv4) or 128 (for ipv6).

func HeaderMatcher Uses

func HeaderMatcher(k, v string) *routepb.HeaderMatcher

HeaderMatcher converts a key, value string pair to a corresponding HeaderMatcher.

func MetadataListMatcher Uses

func MetadataListMatcher(filter string, keys []string, value string) *matcherpb.MetadataMatcher

MetadataListMatcher creates a metadata list matcher for the given path keys and value.

func MetadataStringMatcher Uses

func MetadataStringMatcher(filter, key string, m *matcherpb.StringMatcher) *matcherpb.MetadataMatcher

MetadataStringMatcher creates a metadata string matcher for the given filter, key and the string matcher.

func PathMatcher Uses

func PathMatcher(path string) *matcherpb.PathMatcher

PathMatcher creates a path matcher for a path.

func StringMatcher Uses

func StringMatcher(v string) *matcherpb.StringMatcher

StringMatcher creates a string matcher for v.

func StringMatcherRegex Uses

func StringMatcherRegex(regex string) *matcherpb.StringMatcher

StringMatcherRegex creates a regex string matcher for regex.

func StringMatcherWithPrefix Uses

func StringMatcherWithPrefix(v, prefix string) *matcherpb.StringMatcher

StringMatcherWithPrefix creates a string matcher for v with the extra prefix inserted to the created string matcher, note the prefix is ignored if v is wildcard ("*"). The wildcard "*" will be generated as ".+" instead of ".*".

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