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package status

import ""


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func CreateOrUpdateConfigMap Uses

func CreateOrUpdateConfigMap(ctx context.Context, cm *corev1.ConfigMap, client v1.ConfigMapInterface) (res *corev1.ConfigMap, err error)

this is lifted with few modifications from kubeadm's apiclient

func GVKtoGVR Uses

func GVKtoGVR(in config.GroupVersionKind) *schema.GroupVersionResource

func GetTypedStatus Uses

func GetTypedStatus(in interface{}) (out *v1alpha1.IstioStatus, err error)

func NewIstioContext Uses

func NewIstioContext(stop <-chan struct{}) context.Context

func ReconcileStatuses Uses

func ReconcileStatuses(current *config.Config, desired Progress, generation int64) (bool, *v1alpha1.IstioStatus)

type DistributionController Uses

type DistributionController struct {
    CurrentState    map[Resource]map[string]Progress
    ObservationTime map[string]time.Time
    UpdateInterval  time.Duration

    StaleInterval time.Duration
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewController Uses

func NewController(restConfig rest.Config, namespace string, cs model.ConfigStore) *DistributionController

func (*DistributionController) Start Uses

func (c *DistributionController) Start(stop <-chan struct{})

type DistributionReport Uses

type DistributionReport struct {
    Reporter            string         `json:"reporter"`
    DataPlaneCount      int            `json:"dataPlaneCount"`
    InProgressResources map[string]int `json:"inProgressResources"`

func ReportFromYaml Uses

func ReportFromYaml(content []byte) (DistributionReport, error)

type DistroReportHandler Uses

type DistroReportHandler struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*DistroReportHandler) HandleNew Uses

func (drh *DistroReportHandler) HandleNew(obj interface{})

func (*DistroReportHandler) OnAdd Uses

func (drh *DistroReportHandler) OnAdd(obj interface{})

func (*DistroReportHandler) OnDelete Uses

func (drh *DistroReportHandler) OnDelete(obj interface{})

func (*DistroReportHandler) OnUpdate Uses

func (drh *DistroReportHandler) OnUpdate(oldObj, newObj interface{})

type Progress Uses

type Progress struct {
    AckedInstances int
    TotalInstances int

func (*Progress) PlusEquals Uses

func (p *Progress) PlusEquals(p2 Progress)

type Reporter Uses

type Reporter struct {
    UpdateInterval time.Duration
    PodName        string
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*Reporter) AddInProgressResource Uses

func (r *Reporter) AddInProgressResource(res config.Config)

This function must be called every time a resource change is detected by pilot. This allows us to lookup only the resources we expect to be in flight, not the ones that have already distributed

func (*Reporter) DeleteInProgressResource Uses

func (r *Reporter) DeleteInProgressResource(res config.Config)

func (*Reporter) Init Uses

func (r *Reporter) Init(ledger ledger.Ledger)

Init starts all the read only features of the reporter, used for nonce generation and responding to istioctl wait.

func (*Reporter) QueryLastNonce Uses

func (r *Reporter) QueryLastNonce(conID string, distributionType xds.EventType) (noncePrefix string)

func (*Reporter) RegisterDisconnect Uses

func (r *Reporter) RegisterDisconnect(conID string, types []xds.EventType)

When a dataplane disconnects, we should no longer count it, nor expect it to ack config.

func (*Reporter) RegisterEvent Uses

func (r *Reporter) RegisterEvent(conID string, distributionType xds.EventType, nonce string)

Register that a dataplane has acknowledged a new version of the config. Theoretically, we could use the ads connections themselves to harvest this data, but the mutex there is pretty hot, and it seems best to trade memory for time.

func (*Reporter) SetController Uses

func (r *Reporter) SetController(controller *DistributionController)

func (*Reporter) Start Uses

func (r *Reporter) Start(clientSet kubernetes.Interface, namespace string, podname string, stop <-chan struct{})

Starts the reporter, which watches dataplane ack's and resource changes so that it can update status leader with distribution information.

type Resource Uses

type Resource struct {
    Namespace  string
    Name       string
    Generation string

TODO: maybe replace with a kubernetes resource identifier, if that's a thing

func ResourceFromModelConfig Uses

func ResourceFromModelConfig(c config.Config) *Resource

func ResourceFromString Uses

func ResourceFromString(s string) *Resource

func (Resource) String Uses

func (r Resource) String() string

func (*Resource) ToModelKey Uses

func (r *Resource) ToModelKey() string

type Task Uses

type Task func(entry cacheEntry)

Task to be performed.

type WorkQueue Uses

type WorkQueue struct {
    OnPush func()
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*WorkQueue) Delete Uses

func (wq *WorkQueue) Delete(target *Resource)

func (*WorkQueue) Length Uses

func (wq *WorkQueue) Length() int

func (*WorkQueue) Pop Uses

func (wq *WorkQueue) Pop(exclusion map[lockResource]struct{}) (target *Resource, progress *Progress)

Pop returns the first item in the queue not in exclusion, along with it's latest progress

func (*WorkQueue) Push Uses

func (wq *WorkQueue) Push(target Resource, progress Progress)

type WorkerPool Uses

type WorkerPool struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*WorkerPool) Delete Uses

func (wp *WorkerPool) Delete(target Resource)

func (*WorkerPool) Push Uses

func (wp *WorkerPool) Push(target Resource, progress Progress)

func (*WorkerPool) Run Uses

func (wp *WorkerPool) Run(ctx context.Context)

type WorkerQueue Uses

type WorkerQueue interface {
    // Push a task.
    Push(target Resource, progress Progress)
    // Run the loop until a signal on the context
    Run(ctx context.Context)
    // Delete a task
    Delete(target Resource)

Worker queue implements an expandable goroutine pool which executes at most one concurrent routine per target resource. Multiple calls to Push() will not schedule multiple executions per target resource, but will ensure that the single execution uses the latest value.

func NewWorkerPool Uses

func NewWorkerPool(work func(*Resource, *Progress), maxWorkers uint) WorkerQueue

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