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package sets

import ""


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type Set Uses

type Set map[string]struct{}

func NewSet Uses

func NewSet(items ...string) Set

NewSet creates a Set from a list of values.

func (Set) Difference Uses

func (s Set) Difference(s2 Set) Set

Difference returns a set of objects that are not in s2 For example: s = {a1, a2, a3} s2 = {a1, a2, a4, a5} s.Difference(s2) = {a3} s2.Difference(s) = {a4, a5}

func (Set) Insert Uses

func (s Set) Insert(items ...string) Set

Insert adds items to the set.

func (Set) UnsortedList Uses

func (s Set) UnsortedList() []string

UnsortedList returns the slice with contents in random order.

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