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package bootstrap

import ""


Package Files

bootstrap_config.go config.go instance.go


const (
    // IstioMetaPrefix is used to pass env vars as node metadata.
    IstioMetaPrefix = "ISTIO_META_"

    // IstioMetaJSONPrefix is used to pass annotations and similar environment info.
    IstioMetaJSONPrefix = "ISTIO_METAJSON_"
const (
    // EpochFileTemplate is a template for the root config JSON
    EpochFileTemplate = "envoy-rev%d.json"
    DefaultCfgDir     = "/var/lib/istio/envoy/envoy_bootstrap_tmpl.json"

func RunProxy Uses

func RunProxy(config *meshAPI.ProxyConfig, node string, epoch int, configFname string, doneChan chan error,
    outWriter io.Writer, errWriter io.Writer, cliarg []string) (*os.Process, error)

RunProxy will run sidecar with a v2 config generated from template according with the config. The doneChan will be notified if the envoy process dies. The returned process can be killed by the caller to terminate the proxy.

type Config Uses

type Config struct {
    Node                string
    DNSRefreshRate      string
    Proxy               *meshAPI.ProxyConfig
    PlatEnv             platform.Environment
    PilotSubjectAltName []string
    MixerSubjectAltName []string
    LocalEnv            []string
    NodeIPs             []string
    PodName             string
    PodNamespace        string
    PodIP               net.IP
    SDSUDSPath          string
    SDSTokenPath        string
    ControlPlaneAuth    bool
    DisableReportCalls  bool
    OutlierLogPath      string
    PilotCertProvider   string

Config for creating a bootstrap file.

type Instance Uses

type Instance interface {
    // WriteTo writes the content of the Envoy bootstrap to the given writer.
    WriteTo(w io.Writer) error

    // CreateFileForEpoch generates an Envoy bootstrap file for a particular epoch.
    CreateFileForEpoch(epoch int) (string, error)

Instance of a configured Envoy bootstrap writer.

func New Uses

func New(cfg Config) Instance

New creates a new Instance of an Envoy bootstrap writer.



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