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package option

import ""


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convert.go instance.go instances.go


const (
    LocalhostIPv4       LocalhostValue       = ""
    LocalhostIPv6       LocalhostValue       = "::1"
    WildcardIPv4        WildcardValue        = ""
    WildcardIPv6        WildcardValue        = "::"
    DNSLookupFamilyIPv4 DNSLookupFamilyValue = "V4_ONLY"
    DNSLookupFamilyIPv6 DNSLookupFamilyValue = "AUTO"

func NewTemplateParams Uses

func NewTemplateParams(is ...Instance) (map[string]interface{}, error)

NewTemplateParams creates a new golang template parameter map from the given list of options.

type DNSLookupFamilyValue Uses

type DNSLookupFamilyValue string

type Instance Uses

type Instance interface {
    Name() Name
    // contains filtered or unexported methods

Instance of a bootstrap option.

func Cluster Uses

func Cluster(value string) Instance

func ConnectTimeout Uses

func ConnectTimeout(value *types.Duration) Instance

func ControlPlaneAuth Uses

func ControlPlaneAuth(value bool) Instance

func DNSLookupFamily Uses

func DNSLookupFamily(value DNSLookupFamilyValue) Instance

func DataDogAddress Uses

func DataDogAddress(value string) Instance

func DisableReportCalls Uses

func DisableReportCalls(value bool) Instance

func DiscoveryAddress Uses

func DiscoveryAddress(value string) Instance

func EnvoyAccessLogServiceAddress Uses

func EnvoyAccessLogServiceAddress(value string) Instance

func EnvoyAccessLogServiceTCPKeepalive Uses

func EnvoyAccessLogServiceTCPKeepalive(value *networkingAPI.ConnectionPoolSettings_TCPSettings_TcpKeepalive) Instance

func EnvoyAccessLogServiceTLS Uses

func EnvoyAccessLogServiceTLS(value *networkingAPI.ClientTLSSettings, metadata *model.NodeMetadata) Instance

func EnvoyExtraStatTags Uses

func EnvoyExtraStatTags(value []string) Instance

func EnvoyMetricsServiceAddress Uses

func EnvoyMetricsServiceAddress(value string) Instance

func EnvoyMetricsServiceTCPKeepalive Uses

func EnvoyMetricsServiceTCPKeepalive(value *networkingAPI.ConnectionPoolSettings_TCPSettings_TcpKeepalive) Instance

func EnvoyMetricsServiceTLS Uses

func EnvoyMetricsServiceTLS(value *networkingAPI.ClientTLSSettings, metadata *model.NodeMetadata) Instance

func EnvoyStatsMatcherInclusionPrefix Uses

func EnvoyStatsMatcherInclusionPrefix(value []string) Instance

func EnvoyStatsMatcherInclusionRegexp Uses

func EnvoyStatsMatcherInclusionRegexp(value []string) Instance

func EnvoyStatsMatcherInclusionSuffix Uses

func EnvoyStatsMatcherInclusionSuffix(value []string) Instance

func GCPProjectID Uses

func GCPProjectID(value string) Instance

func LightstepAddress Uses

func LightstepAddress(value string) Instance

func LightstepToken Uses

func LightstepToken(value string) Instance

func Localhost Uses

func Localhost(value LocalhostValue) Instance

func MixerSubjectAltName Uses

func MixerSubjectAltName(value []string) Instance

func NodeID Uses

func NodeID(value string) Instance

func NodeMetadata Uses

func NodeMetadata(meta *model.NodeMetadata, rawMeta map[string]interface{}) Instance

func OutlierLogPath Uses

func OutlierLogPath(value string) Instance

func PilotCertProvider Uses

func PilotCertProvider(value string) Instance

func PilotGRPCAddress Uses

func PilotGRPCAddress(value string) Instance

func PilotSubjectAltName Uses

func PilotSubjectAltName(value []string) Instance

func PodIP Uses

func PodIP(value net.IP) Instance

func PodName Uses

func PodName(value string) Instance

func PodNamespace Uses

func PodNamespace(value string) Instance

func ProvCert Uses

func ProvCert(value string) Instance

func ProxyConfig Uses

func ProxyConfig(value *meshAPI.ProxyConfig) Instance

func Region Uses

func Region(value string) Instance

func STSEnabled Uses

func STSEnabled(value bool) Instance

func STSPort Uses

func STSPort(value int) Instance

func StackDriverDebug Uses

func StackDriverDebug(value bool) Instance

func StackDriverEnabled Uses

func StackDriverEnabled(value bool) Instance

func StackDriverMaxAnnotations Uses

func StackDriverMaxAnnotations(value int64) Instance

func StackDriverMaxAttributes Uses

func StackDriverMaxAttributes(value int64) Instance

func StackDriverMaxEvents Uses

func StackDriverMaxEvents(value int64) Instance

func StackDriverProjectID Uses

func StackDriverProjectID(value string) Instance

func StatsdAddress Uses

func StatsdAddress(value string) Instance

func SubZone Uses

func SubZone(value string) Instance

func TracingTLS Uses

func TracingTLS(value *networkingAPI.ClientTLSSettings, metadata *model.NodeMetadata, isH2 bool) Instance

func Wildcard Uses

func Wildcard(value WildcardValue) Instance

func ZipkinAddress Uses

func ZipkinAddress(value string) Instance

func Zone Uses

func Zone(value string) Instance

type LocalhostValue Uses

type LocalhostValue string

type Name Uses

type Name string

Name unique name for an option.

func (Name) String Uses

func (n Name) String() string

type WildcardValue Uses

type WildcardValue string

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