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package platform

import ""


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gcp.go platform.go


const (
    GCPProject    = "gcp_project"
    GCPCluster    = "gcp_gke_cluster_name"
    GCPLocation   = "gcp_location"
    GCEInstanceID = "gcp_gce_instance_id"

type Environment Uses

type Environment interface {
    // Metadata returns a collection of environmental metadata, structured
    // as a map for metadata names to values. An example for GCP would be a
    // mapping from "gcp_project" to "2344534543". Keys should be prefixed
    // by the short name for the platform (example: "gcp_").
    Metadata() map[string]string

    // Locality returns the run location for the bootstrap transformed from the
    // platform-specific representation into the Envoy Locality schema.
    Locality() *core.Locality

Environment provides information for the platform on which the bootstrapping is taking place.

func NewGCP Uses

func NewGCP() Environment

NewGCP returns a platform environment customized for Google Cloud Platform. Metadata returned by the GCP Environment is taken from the GCE metadata service.

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