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package constants

import ""


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const (
    // UnspecifiedIP constant for empty IP address
    UnspecifiedIP = ""

    // IngressCertsPath is the path location for ingress certificates
    IngressCertsPath = "/etc/istio/ingress-certs/"

    // AuthCertsPath is the path location for mTLS certificates
    AuthCertsPath = "/etc/certs/"

    // CertChainFilename is mTLS chain file
    CertChainFilename = "cert-chain.pem"

    // DefaultServerCertChain is the default path to the mTLS chain file
    DefaultCertChain = AuthCertsPath + CertChainFilename

    // KeyFilename is mTLS private key
    KeyFilename = "key.pem"

    // DefaultServerKey is the default path to the mTLS private key file
    DefaultKey = AuthCertsPath + KeyFilename

    // RootCertFilename is mTLS root cert
    RootCertFilename = "root-cert.pem"

    // DefaultRootCert is the default path to the mTLS root cert file
    DefaultRootCert = AuthCertsPath + RootCertFilename

    // IngressCertFilename is the ingress cert file name
    IngressCertFilename = "tls.crt"

    // IngressKeyFilename is the ingress private key file name
    IngressKeyFilename = "tls.key"

    // ConfigPathDir config directory for storing envoy json config files.
    ConfigPathDir = "/etc/istio/proxy"

    // BinaryPathFilename envoy binary location
    BinaryPathFilename = "/usr/local/bin/envoy"

    // ServiceClusterName service cluster name used in xDS calls
    ServiceClusterName = "istio-proxy"

    // DiscoveryPlainAddress discovery IP address:port with plain text
    DiscoveryPlainAddress = "istio-pilot:15010"

    // IstioIngressGatewayName is the internal gateway name assigned to ingress
    IstioIngressGatewayName = "istio-autogenerated-k8s-ingress"

    // IstioIngressNamespace is the namespace where Istio ingress controller is deployed
    IstioIngressNamespace = "istio-system"

    // IstioLabel indicates that a workload is part of a named Istio system component.
    IstioLabel = "istio"

    // IstioIngressLabelValue is value for IstioLabel that identifies an ingress workload.
    IstioIngressLabelValue = "ingress"

    // IstioAPIGroupDomain defines API group domain of all Istio configuration resources.
    // Group domain suffix to the proto schema's group to generate the full resource group.
    IstioAPIGroupDomain = ""

    // IstioSystemNamespace is the namespace where Istio's components are deployed
    IstioSystemNamespace = "istio-system"

    // DefaultAuthenticationPolicyName is the name of the cluster-scoped authentication policy. Only
    // policy with this name in the cluster-scoped will be considered.
    DefaultAuthenticationPolicyName = "default"

    // DefaultRbacConfigName is the name of the mesh global RbacConfig name. Only RbacConfig with this
    // name will be considered.
    DefaultRbacConfigName = "default"

    // IstioMeshGateway is the built in gateway for all sidecars
    IstioMeshGateway = "mesh"

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