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package schema

import ""

Code generated for package schema by go-bindata DO NOT EDIT. (@generated) sources: metadata.yaml


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func Asset Uses

func Asset(name string) ([]byte, error)

Asset loads and returns the asset for the given name. It returns an error if the asset could not be found or could not be loaded.

func AssetDir Uses

func AssetDir(name string) ([]string, error)

AssetDir returns the file names below a certain directory embedded in the file by go-bindata. For example if you run go-bindata on data/... and data contains the following hierarchy:


then AssetDir("data") would return []string{"foo.txt", "img"} AssetDir("data/img") would return []string{"a.png", "b.png"} AssetDir("foo.txt") and AssetDir("notexist") would return an error AssetDir("") will return []string{"data"}.

func AssetInfo Uses

func AssetInfo(name string) (os.FileInfo, error)

AssetInfo loads and returns the asset info for the given name. It returns an error if the asset could not be found or could not be loaded.

func AssetNames Uses

func AssetNames() []string

AssetNames returns the names of the assets.

func MustAsset Uses

func MustAsset(name string) []byte

MustAsset is like Asset but panics when Asset would return an error. It simplifies safe initialization of global variables.

func RestoreAsset Uses

func RestoreAsset(dir, name string) error

RestoreAsset restores an asset under the given directory

func RestoreAssets Uses

func RestoreAssets(dir, name string) error

RestoreAssets restores an asset under the given directory recursively

type DirectTransformSettings Uses

type DirectTransformSettings struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

DirectTransformSettings configuration

func (*DirectTransformSettings) Equal Uses

func (d *DirectTransformSettings) Equal(o *DirectTransformSettings) bool

func (*DirectTransformSettings) Mapping Uses

func (d *DirectTransformSettings) Mapping() map[collection.Name]collection.Name

Mapping from source to destination

func (*DirectTransformSettings) Type Uses

func (d *DirectTransformSettings) Type() string

Type implements TransformSettings

type Metadata Uses

type Metadata struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Metadata is the top-level container.

func Build Uses

func Build(astm *ast.Metadata) (*Metadata, error)

Build strongly-typed Metadata from parsed AST.

func Get Uses

func Get() (*Metadata, error)

Get returns the contained resources.yaml file, in parsed form.

func MustGet Uses

func MustGet() *Metadata

MustGet calls Get and panics if it returns and error.

func ParseAndBuild Uses

func ParseAndBuild(yamlText string) (*Metadata, error)

ParseAndBuild parses the given metadata file and returns the strongly typed schema.

func (*Metadata) AllCollections Uses

func (m *Metadata) AllCollections() collection.Schemas

AllCollections is all known collections

func (*Metadata) AllCollectionsInSnapshots Uses

func (m *Metadata) AllCollectionsInSnapshots(snapshotNames []string) []string

AllCollectionsInSnapshots returns an aggregate list of names of collections that will appear in the specified snapshots.

func (*Metadata) AllSnapshots Uses

func (m *Metadata) AllSnapshots() []*Snapshot

AllSnapshots returns all known snapshots

func (*Metadata) DirectTransformSettings Uses

func (m *Metadata) DirectTransformSettings() *DirectTransformSettings

DirectTransformSettings is a temporary convenience function for getting the Direct TransformSettings config. As the infrastructure is generified, then this method should disappear.

func (*Metadata) Equal Uses

func (m *Metadata) Equal(o *Metadata) bool

func (*Metadata) KubeCollections Uses

func (m *Metadata) KubeCollections() collection.Schemas

KubeCollections is collections for Kubernetes.

func (*Metadata) TransformSettings Uses

func (m *Metadata) TransformSettings() []TransformSettings

TransformSettings is all known transformSettings

type Snapshot Uses

type Snapshot struct {
    Name        string
    Collections []collection.Name
    Strategy    string

Snapshot metadata. Describes the snapshots that should be produced.

type TransformSettings Uses

type TransformSettings interface {
    Type() string

TransformSettings is configuration that is supplied to a particular transform.



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