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package ast

import ""


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const Direct = "direct"

Direct transform's name. Used for parsing.

type Collection Uses

type Collection struct {
    Name         string `json:"name"`
    VariableName string `json:"variableName"`
    Description  string `json:"description"`
    Group        string `json:"group"`
    Kind         string `json:"kind"`
    Disabled     bool   `json:"disabled"`
    Pilot        bool   `json:"pilot"`
    Deprecated   bool   `json:"deprecated"`

Collection metadata. Describes basic structure of collections.

type DirectTransformSettings Uses

type DirectTransformSettings struct {
    Mapping map[string]string `json:"mapping"`

DirectTransformSettings configuration

func (*DirectTransformSettings) Type Uses

func (d *DirectTransformSettings) Type() string

Type implements TransformSettings

type Metadata Uses

type Metadata struct {
    Collections       []*Collection       `json:"collections"`
    Resources         []*Resource         `json:"resources"`
    Snapshots         []*Snapshot         `json:"snapshots"`
    TransformSettings []TransformSettings `json:"transforms"`

Metadata is the top-level container.

func Parse Uses

func Parse(yamlText string) (*Metadata, error)

Parse and return a yaml representation of Metadata

func (*Metadata) FindResourceForGroupKind Uses

func (m *Metadata) FindResourceForGroupKind(group, kind string) *Resource

FindResourceForGroupKind looks up a resource with the given group and kind. Returns nil if not found.

func (*Metadata) UnmarshalJSON Uses

func (m *Metadata) UnmarshalJSON(data []byte) error

UnmarshalJSON implements json.Unmarshaler

type Resource Uses

type Resource struct {
    Group              string `json:"group"`
    Version            string `json:"version"`
    Kind               string `json:"kind"`
    Plural             string `json:"plural"`
    ClusterScoped      bool   `json:"clusterScoped"`
    Proto              string `json:"proto"`
    ProtoPackage       string `json:"protoPackage"`
    StatusProto        string `json:"statusProto"`
    StatusProtoPackage string `json:"statusProtoPackage"`
    Validate           string `json:"validate"`
    Description        string `json:"description"`

Resource metadata for resources contained within a collection.

type Snapshot Uses

type Snapshot struct {
    Name         string   `json:"name"`
    Strategy     string   `json:"strategy"`
    Collections  []string `json:"collections"`
    VariableName string   `json:"variableName"`
    Description  string   `json:"description"`

Snapshot metadata. Describes the snapshots that should be produced.

type TransformSettings Uses

type TransformSettings interface {
    Type() string

TransformSettings configuration metadata.

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