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package security

import ""


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func CheckEmptyValues Uses

func CheckEmptyValues(key string, values []string) error

func ValidateAttribute Uses

func ValidateAttribute(key string, values []string) error

func ValidateIPs Uses

func ValidateIPs(ips []string) error

func ValidatePorts Uses

func ValidatePorts(ports []string) error

type JwksInfo Uses

type JwksInfo struct {
    Hostname host.Name
    Scheme   string
    Port     int
    UseSSL   bool

JwksInfo provides values resulting from parsing a jwks URI.

func ParseJwksURI Uses

func ParseJwksURI(jwksURI string) (JwksInfo, error)

ParseJwksURI parses the input URI and returns the corresponding hostname, port, and whether SSL is used. URI must start with "http://" or "https://", which corresponding to "http" or "https" scheme. Port number is extracted from URI if available (i.e from postfix :<port>, eg. ":80"), or assigned to a default value based on URI scheme (80 for http and 443 for https). Port name is set to URI scheme value.

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