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package validation

import ""


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const UnixAddressPrefix = "unix://"

UnixAddressPrefix is the prefix used to indicate an address is for a Unix Domain socket. It is used in ServiceEntry.Endpoint.Address message.

func ValidateAuthenticationPolicy Uses

func ValidateAuthenticationPolicy(name, namespace string, msg proto.Message) error

ValidateAuthenticationPolicy checks that AuthenticationPolicy is well-formed.

func ValidateAuthorizationPolicy Uses

func ValidateAuthorizationPolicy(_, _ string, msg proto.Message) error

ValidateAuthorizationPolicy checks that AuthorizationPolicy is well-formed.

func ValidateClusterRbacConfig Uses

func ValidateClusterRbacConfig(name, _ string, msg proto.Message) error

ValidateClusterRbacConfig checks that ClusterRbacConfig is well-formed.

func ValidateConnectTimeout Uses

func ValidateConnectTimeout(timeout *types.Duration) error

ValidateConnectTimeout validates the envoy conncection timeout

func ValidateDatadogCollector Uses

func ValidateDatadogCollector(d *meshconfig.Tracing_Datadog) error

ValidateDatadogCollector validates the configuration for sending envoy spans to Datadog

func ValidateDestinationRule Uses

func ValidateDestinationRule(_, _ string, msg proto.Message) (errs error)

ValidateDestinationRule checks proxy policies

func ValidateDuration Uses

func ValidateDuration(pd *types.Duration) error

ValidateDuration checks that a proto duration is well-formed

func ValidateDurationGogo Uses

func ValidateDurationGogo(pd *types.Duration) error

ValidateDurationGogo checks that a gogo proto duration is well-formed

func ValidateDurationRange Uses

func ValidateDurationRange(dur, min, max time.Duration) error

ValidateDurationRange verifies range is in specified duration

func ValidateEnvoyFilter Uses

func ValidateEnvoyFilter(_, _ string, msg proto.Message) (errs error)

ValidateEnvoyFilter checks envoy filter config supplied by user

func ValidateFQDN Uses

func ValidateFQDN(fqdn string) error

ValidateFQDN checks a fully-qualified domain name

func ValidateGateway Uses

func ValidateGateway(name, _ string, msg proto.Message) (errs error)

ValidateGateway checks gateway specifications

func ValidateGogoDuration Uses

func ValidateGogoDuration(in *types.Duration) error

ValidateGogoDuration validates the variant of duration.

func ValidateHTTPAPISpec Uses

func ValidateHTTPAPISpec(_, _ string, msg proto.Message) error

ValidateHTTPAPISpec checks that HTTPAPISpec is well-formed.

func ValidateHTTPAPISpecBinding Uses

func ValidateHTTPAPISpecBinding(_, _ string, msg proto.Message) error

ValidateHTTPAPISpecBinding checks that HTTPAPISpecBinding is well-formed.

func ValidateHTTPHeaderName Uses

func ValidateHTTPHeaderName(name string) error

ValidateHTTPHeaderName validates a header name

func ValidateIPAddress Uses

func ValidateIPAddress(addr string) error

ValidateIPAddress validates that a string in "CIDR notation" or "Dot-decimal notation"

func ValidateIPSubnet Uses

func ValidateIPSubnet(subnet string) error

ValidateIPSubnet checks that a string is in "CIDR notation" or "Dot-decimal notation"

func ValidateLightstepCollector Uses

func ValidateLightstepCollector(ls *meshconfig.Tracing_Lightstep) error

ValidateLightstepCollector validates the configuration for sending envoy spans to LightStep

func ValidateMeshConfig Uses

func ValidateMeshConfig(mesh *meshconfig.MeshConfig) (errs error)

ValidateMeshConfig checks that the mesh config is well-formed

func ValidateMixerAttributes Uses

func ValidateMixerAttributes(msg proto.Message) error

ValidateMixerAttributes checks that Mixer attributes is well-formed.

func ValidateMixerService Uses

func ValidateMixerService(svc *mccpb.IstioService) (errs error)

ValidateMixerService checks for validity of a service reference

func ValidateParentAndDrain Uses

func ValidateParentAndDrain(drainTime, parentShutdown *types.Duration) (errs error)

ValidateParentAndDrain checks that parent and drain durations are valid

func ValidatePercent Uses

func ValidatePercent(val int32) error

ValidatePercent checks that percent is in range

func ValidatePort Uses

func ValidatePort(port int) error

ValidatePort checks that the network port is in range

func ValidatePorts Uses

func ValidatePorts(ports []int32) bool

ValidatePorts checks if all ports are in range [0, 65535]

func ValidateProxyAddress Uses

func ValidateProxyAddress(hostAddr string) error

ValidateProxyAddress checks that a network address is well-formed

func ValidateProxyConfig Uses

func ValidateProxyConfig(config *meshconfig.ProxyConfig) (errs error)

ValidateProxyConfig checks that the mesh config is well-formed

func ValidateQuotaSpec Uses

func ValidateQuotaSpec(_, _ string, msg proto.Message) error

ValidateQuotaSpec checks that Quota is well-formed.

func ValidateQuotaSpecBinding Uses

func ValidateQuotaSpecBinding(_, _ string, msg proto.Message) error

ValidateQuotaSpecBinding checks that QuotaSpecBinding is well-formed.

func ValidateRbacConfig Uses

func ValidateRbacConfig(name, _ string, msg proto.Message) error

ValidateRbacConfig checks that RbacConfig is well-formed.

func ValidateServiceEntry Uses

func ValidateServiceEntry(_, _ string, config proto.Message) (errs error)

ValidateServiceEntry validates a service entry.

func ValidateServiceRole Uses

func ValidateServiceRole(_, _ string, msg proto.Message) error

ValidateServiceRole checks that ServiceRole is well-formed.

func ValidateServiceRoleBinding Uses

func ValidateServiceRoleBinding(_, _ string, msg proto.Message) error

ValidateServiceRoleBinding checks that ServiceRoleBinding is well-formed.

func ValidateSidecar Uses

func ValidateSidecar(_, _ string, msg proto.Message) (errs error)

ValidateSidecar checks sidecar config supplied by user

func ValidateSyntheticServiceEntry Uses

func ValidateSyntheticServiceEntry(_, _ string, config proto.Message) (errs error)

ValidateSyntheticServiceEntry validates a synthetic service entry.

func ValidateUnixAddress Uses

func ValidateUnixAddress(addr string) error

ValidateUnixAddress validates that the string is a valid unix domain socket path.

func ValidateVirtualService Uses

func ValidateVirtualService(_, _ string, msg proto.Message) (errs error)

ValidateVirtualService checks that a v1alpha3 route rule is well-formed.

func ValidateWildcardDomain Uses

func ValidateWildcardDomain(domain string) error

ValidateWildcardDomain checks that a domain is a valid FQDN, but also allows wildcard prefixes.

func ValidateZipkinCollector Uses

func ValidateZipkinCollector(z *meshconfig.Tracing_Zipkin) error

ValidateZipkinCollector validates the configuration for sending envoy spans to Zipkin

type ValidateFunc Uses

type ValidateFunc func(name, namespace string, config proto.Message) error

ValidateFunc defines a validation func for an API proto.

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