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package v2alpha1

import ""


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type FilterConfig Uses

type FilterConfig struct {
    // Policy is the original copy of the policy.
    Policy *v1alpha1.Policy `protobuf:"bytes,1,opt,name=policy,proto3" json:"policy,omitempty"`
    // Map from issuer to location of the payload that is emitted by Jwt filter.
    // This information is added by pilot when construct and add Jwt and
    // authN filters.
    JwtOutputPayloadLocations map[string]string `protobuf:"bytes,2,rep,name=jwt_output_payload_locations,json=jwtOutputPayloadLocations,proto3" json:"jwt_output_payload_locations,omitempty" protobuf_key:"bytes,1,opt,name=key,proto3" protobuf_val:"bytes,2,opt,name=value,proto3"`
    // Skips validating the peer's trust domain.
    // By default, the istio authn filter will reject the request if the peer and
    // the local service is not in the same trust domain.
    // Set this field to true to skip the validation and allows peers from any
    // trust domains.
    // Note, the istio authn filter only validates the trust domain when mTLS is
    // used, In other words, this field has no effect for plaintext traffic.
    SkipValidateTrustDomain bool     `protobuf:"varint,3,opt,name=skip_validate_trust_domain,json=skipValidateTrustDomain,proto3" json:"skip_validate_trust_domain,omitempty"`
    XXX_NoUnkeyedLiteral    struct{} `json:"-"`
    XXX_unrecognized        []byte   `json:"-"`
    XXX_sizecache           int32    `json:"-"`

FilterConfig is the config for Istio-specific filter that is used to enforce authentication policy on Envoy.

func (*FilterConfig) Descriptor Uses

func (*FilterConfig) Descriptor() ([]byte, []int)

func (*FilterConfig) GetJwtOutputPayloadLocations Uses

func (m *FilterConfig) GetJwtOutputPayloadLocations() map[string]string

func (*FilterConfig) GetPolicy Uses

func (m *FilterConfig) GetPolicy() *v1alpha1.Policy

func (*FilterConfig) GetSkipValidateTrustDomain Uses

func (m *FilterConfig) GetSkipValidateTrustDomain() bool

func (*FilterConfig) ProtoMessage Uses

func (*FilterConfig) ProtoMessage()

func (*FilterConfig) Reset Uses

func (m *FilterConfig) Reset()

func (*FilterConfig) String Uses

func (m *FilterConfig) String() string

func (*FilterConfig) XXX_DiscardUnknown Uses

func (m *FilterConfig) XXX_DiscardUnknown()

func (*FilterConfig) XXX_Marshal Uses

func (m *FilterConfig) XXX_Marshal(b []byte, deterministic bool) ([]byte, error)

func (*FilterConfig) XXX_Merge Uses

func (m *FilterConfig) XXX_Merge(src proto.Message)

func (*FilterConfig) XXX_Size Uses

func (m *FilterConfig) XXX_Size() int

func (*FilterConfig) XXX_Unmarshal Uses

func (m *FilterConfig) XXX_Unmarshal(b []byte) error

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