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package server

import ""


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type AllowAllChecker Uses

type AllowAllChecker struct{}

AllowAllChecker is a simple auth checker that allows all requests.

func NewAllowAllChecker Uses

func NewAllowAllChecker() *AllowAllChecker

NewAllowAllChecker creates a new AllowAllChecker.

func (*AllowAllChecker) Check Uses

func (*AllowAllChecker) Check(credentials.AuthInfo) error

Check is an implementation of AuthChecker.Check that allows all check requests.

type AuthListMode Uses

type AuthListMode bool

AuthListMode indicates the list checking mode

const (
    // AuthBlackList indicates that the list should work as a black list
    AuthBlackList AuthListMode = false

    // AuthWhiteList indicates that the list should work as a white list
    AuthWhiteList AuthListMode = true

type ListAuthChecker Uses

type ListAuthChecker struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

ListAuthChecker implements AuthChecker function and is backed by a set of ids.

func NewListAuthChecker Uses

func NewListAuthChecker(options *ListAuthCheckerOptions) *ListAuthChecker

NewListAuthChecker returns a new instance of ListAuthChecker

func (*ListAuthChecker) Add Uses

func (l *ListAuthChecker) Add(id string)

Add the provided id to the list of ids.

func (*ListAuthChecker) Allowed Uses

func (l *ListAuthChecker) Allowed(id string) bool

Allowed checks whether the given id is allowed.

func (*ListAuthChecker) Check Uses

func (l *ListAuthChecker) Check(authInfo credentials.AuthInfo) error

func (*ListAuthChecker) Remove Uses

func (l *ListAuthChecker) Remove(id string)

Remove the provided id from the list of ids.

func (*ListAuthChecker) Set Uses

func (l *ListAuthChecker) Set(ids ...string)

Set new sets of ids. Previous ones are removed.

func (*ListAuthChecker) SetMode Uses

func (l *ListAuthChecker) SetMode(mode AuthListMode)

SetMode sets the list-checking mode for this list.

func (*ListAuthChecker) String Uses

func (l *ListAuthChecker) String() string

String is an implementation of Stringer.String.

type ListAuthCheckerOptions Uses

type ListAuthCheckerOptions struct {
    // For the purposes of logging rate limiting authz failures, this controls how
    // many authz failures are logged in a burst every AuthzFailureLogFreq.
    AuthzFailureLogBurstSize int

    // For the purposes of logging rate limiting authz failures, this controls how
    // frequently bursts of authz failures are logged.
    AuthzFailureLogFreq time.Duration

    // AuthMode indicates the list checking mode
    AuthMode AuthListMode

func DefaultListAuthCheckerOptions Uses

func DefaultListAuthCheckerOptions() *ListAuthCheckerOptions

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