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package ca

import ""


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func NewIstioConfig Uses

func NewIstioConfig(systemNamespace string) (string, error)

NewIstioConfig creates an extensions configuration for Istio, using the given system namespace in the DNS SANs.

type Intermediate Uses

type Intermediate struct {
    KeyFile  string
    ConfFile string
    CSRFile  string
    CertFile string
    Root     Root

IntermediateCA is an intermediate CA for a single cluster.

func NewIntermediate Uses

func NewIntermediate(workDir, config string, root Root) (Intermediate, error)

NewIntermediate creates a new intermediate CA for the given cluster.

func (Intermediate) NewIstioCASecret Uses

func (ca Intermediate) NewIstioCASecret() (*kubeApiCore.Secret, error)

NewIstioCASecret creates a secret (named "cacerts") containing the intermediate certificate and cert chain. If available when Istio starts, this will be used instead of Istio's autogenerated self-signed root (istio-ca-secret). This can be used in a multicluster environment in order to establish a common root of trust between the clusters.

type Root Uses

type Root struct {
    // KeyFile is the path to the file containing the private key for the CA.
    KeyFile string

    // ConfFile is the path to the file containing the extensions configuration file.
    ConfFile string

    // CSRFile used to generate the cert.
    CSRFile string

    // CertFile the cert for the root CA.
    CertFile string

Root contains the cryptographic files for a self-signed root CA.

func NewRoot Uses

func NewRoot(workDir string) (Root, error)

NewRoot generates the files for a new self-signed Root CA files under the given directory.

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