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package conformance

import ""


Package Files

load.go metadata.go stage.go test.go


const (
    // InputFileName is the canonical name for the resource file.
    InputFileName = "input.yaml"

    // MeshConfigFileName is the name of the meshconfig file.
    MeshConfigFileName = "meshconfig.yaml"

    // MCPFileName is the name of the MCP constraint file.
    MCPFileName = "mcp.yaml"

    // TrafficFileName is the name of the traffic test/constrains file.
    TrafficFileName = "traffic.yaml"
const MetadataFileName = "test.yaml"

MetadataFileName is the canonical name of the metadata file.

type Call Uses

type Call struct {
    Caller   string
    URL      string
    Response Response

type Metadata Uses

type Metadata struct {
    // Name of the test, if specified.
    Name string

    // Skip the test
    Skip bool `json:"skip"`

    // Run tests in exclusive (non-parallel) mode
    Exclusive bool `json:"exclusive"`

    // Labels for this test
    Labels []string `json:"labels"`

    // Environments to use for this test. Empty implies all environments
    Environments []string `json:"environments"`

Metadata about a single test

type Port Uses

type Port struct {
    Name        string
    Protocol    string // protocol.Instance
    ServicePort uint16

type Response Uses

type Response struct {
    Code   int
    Callee string

type Service Uses

type Service struct {
    Name  string
    Ports []Port

type Stage Uses

type Stage struct {
    // Input resources (in Yaml format)
    Input string

    // MCP validation rules
    MCP *constraint.Constraints

    // MeshConfig (if any) to apply for this stage.
    MeshConfig *string

    // Traffic definition and constraints for this stage.
    Traffic *Traffic

Stage of a test.

type Test Uses

type Test struct {
    Metadata *Metadata
    Stages   []*Stage

Test is a single compliance test instance

func Load Uses

func Load(baseDir string) ([]*Test, error)

Load test data from the given directory

type Traffic Uses

type Traffic struct {
    Services []Service
    Calls    []Call



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