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package deployment

import ""


Package Files

instance.go util.go yaml.go

func DumpPodEvents Uses

func DumpPodEvents(workDir, namespace string, accessor *kube.Accessor)

DumpPodEvents logs the current pod event.

func DumpPodState Uses

func DumpPodState(workDir string, namespace string, accessor *kube.Accessor)

DumpPodState logs the current pod state.

type Instance Uses

type Instance struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Instance represents an Istio deployment instance that has been performed by this test code.

func NewYamlContentDeployment Uses

func NewYamlContentDeployment(namespace, yamlContents string) *Instance

NewYamlContentDeployment creates a new deployment from the contents of a yaml document.

func NewYamlDeployment Uses

func NewYamlDeployment(namespace, yamlFile string) *Instance

NewYamlDeployment creates a new deployment from a yaml file.

func (*Instance) Delete Uses

func (i *Instance) Delete(a *kube.Accessor, wait bool, opts ...retry.Option) (err error)

Delete this deployment instance.

func (*Instance) Deploy Uses

func (i *Instance) Deploy(a *kube.Accessor, wait bool, opts ...retry.Option) (err error)

Deploy this deployment instance.

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