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package deployment

import ""


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attrmanifest.go helm.go instance.go util.go yaml.go

func DumpPodEvents Uses

func DumpPodEvents(workDir, namespace string, accessor *kube.Accessor)

DumpPodEvents logs the current pod event.

func DumpPodState Uses

func DumpPodState(workDir string, namespace string, accessor *kube.Accessor)

DumpPodState logs the current pod state.

func ExtractAttributeManifest Uses

func ExtractAttributeManifest(workDir string) (string, error)

ExtractAttributeManifest extracts attribute manifest from Helm charts.

func HelmTemplate Uses

func HelmTemplate(deploymentName, namespace, chartDir, workDir, valuesFile string, values map[string]string) (string, error)

HelmTemplate calls "helm template".

type HelmConfig Uses

type HelmConfig struct {
    Accessor     *kube.Accessor
    Namespace    string
    WorkDir      string
    ChartDir     string
    CrdsFilesDir string

    // Can be either a file name under ChartDir or an absolute file path.
    ValuesFile string
    Values     map[string]string

const (

namespaceTemplate = `apiVersion: v1

kind: Namespace metadata:

name: %s
  istio-injection: disabled


zeroCRDInstallFile        = "crd-10.yaml"
oneCRDInstallFile         = "crd-11.yaml"
twoCRDInstallFile         = "crd-12.yaml"
certManagerCRDInstallFile = "crd-certmanager-10.yaml"


HelmConfig configuration for a Helm-based deployment.

type Instance Uses

type Instance struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Instance represents an Istio deployment instance that has been performed by this test code.

func NewYamlContentDeployment Uses

func NewYamlContentDeployment(namespace, yamlContents string) *Instance

NewYamlContentDeployment creates a new deployment from the contents of a yaml document.

func NewYamlDeployment Uses

func NewYamlDeployment(namespace, yamlFile string) *Instance

NewYamlDeployment creates a new deployment from a yaml file.

func (*Instance) Delete Uses

func (i *Instance) Delete(a *kube.Accessor, wait bool, opts ...retry.Option) (err error)

Delete this deployment instance.

func (*Instance) Deploy Uses

func (i *Instance) Deploy(a *kube.Accessor, wait bool, opts ...retry.Option) (err error)

Deploy this deployment instance.

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