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package registry

import ""


Package Files

incluster.go registry.yaml.go

type InClusterRegistry Uses

type InClusterRegistry struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

InClusterRegistry helps deploying an in-cluster registry on a k8s cluster.

func NewInClusterRegistry Uses

func NewInClusterRegistry(accessor *kube.Accessor, localPort uint16, ns string) (*InClusterRegistry, error)

NewInClusterRegistry creates a new in-cluster registry object.

func (*InClusterRegistry) Address Uses

func (r *InClusterRegistry) Address() string

Address returns the local registry address after a successful call to Start().

func (*InClusterRegistry) Close Uses

func (r *InClusterRegistry) Close() error

Close deletes local registry from k8s cluster and cleans-up port forward processes too.

func (*InClusterRegistry) Start Uses

func (r *InClusterRegistry) Start() error

Start sets up registry and returns if any error was found while doing that.



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