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package endpoint

import ""


Package Files

grpc.go http.go instance.go tcp.go util.go

type Config Uses

type Config struct {
    IsServerReady IsServerReadyFunc
    Version       string
    Cluster       string
    TLSCert       string
    TLSKey        string
    UDSServer     string
    Dialer        common.Dialer
    Port          *common.Port
    ListenerIP    string

Config for a single endpoint Instance.

type Instance Uses

type Instance interface {
    Start(onReady OnReadyFunc) error
    GetConfig() Config

Instance of an endpoint that serves the Echo application on a single port/protocol.

func New Uses

func New(cfg Config) (Instance, error)

New creates a new endpoint Instance.

type IsServerReadyFunc Uses

type IsServerReadyFunc func() bool

IsServerReadyFunc is a function that indicates whether the server is currently ready to handle traffic.

type OnReadyFunc Uses

type OnReadyFunc func()

OnReadyFunc is a callback function that informs the server that the endpoint is ready.

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