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package envoy

import ""


Package Files

binary.go download.go


var (
    LatestStableSHA string
    LinuxReleaseURL string
    AuthHeader      *http.Header

func DownloadLinuxRelease Uses

func DownloadLinuxRelease(dir string) error

DownloadLinuxRelease downloads the release linux binary to the given directory.

func FindBinary Uses

func FindBinary() (string, error)

FindBinary searches for an Envoy debug binary under ISTIO_OUT. If the ISTIO_OUT environment variable is not set, the default location under GOPATH is assumed. If ISTIO_OUT contains multiple debug binaries, the most recent file is used.

func FindBinaryOrFail Uses

func FindBinaryOrFail(t test.Failer) string

FindBinaryOrFail calls FindBinary and fails the given test if an error occurs.

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